Frequently Asked Questions

What is B2 Outlet Stores?

  • B2 Outlet Stores provides customers with a two-fold benefit.  First, you’ll benefit by purchasing quality, new merchandise at discounted rates.  Second, because the majority of profit B2 generates goes back into community initiatives, you make your community a better place each time you shop.

What is your mission?

  • Simply speaking, our mission is to “empower tomorrow’s leaders today.”

Where do you get your products?

  • B2 Outlet Stores purchases liquidated products from major box stores.  Products may be overstock, discontinued, or seasonal pulls.

Is this a second hand shop/ Do you take consignments?

  • No, nothing about our stores reflects a thrift shop approach.  Because all products are new with tags, we do not accept consignments.

How do you donate?

  • B2 donates through our Designated Store Initiative and our Shop 2 Give Program.  Most non-profit groups that in some way invests in youth qualify for these programs.  Visit our website at www.benefittwice.org for more information.

What is your Designated Store Initiative?

  • The B2 Designated Store Initaitive is designed to partner with non-profit organizations that invest in youth by designating a percentage of sales from a specific store to their cause.  The non-profit group makes an upfront investment in a store, and then receives monthly payments to support their cause.


How would my church or non-profit group get involved in Shop 2 Give?

  • The Shop 2 Give program would assign your group to a specific store for 4 days.  Customers who shop those days may complete a coupon to designate a percentage of sales to your cause.  Complete the Shop 2 Give application online and a B2 Represenative will follow up with your group.


How much do you donate back?

  • B2 donates 51% plus of our profits.


Does this all go to a specific organization?

  • No! Over 250 different organizations have been recipients of B2 donations


Can anyone organization receive donations from your company?

  • To qualify, an organization must be a 501c3 non-profit and as part of their mission, invest in youth through leadership development or missional initiatives.


How can I get my church or organization on board?

  • Complete and submit the online application on our website.  A representative from B2 will then contact you.


What’s your return policy?

  • A 4 day return policy exists for clothing purchased at full price.  This short day policy keeps would be scammers from purchasing clothing at our low discount rates, selling at an upscale rate online, and then returning what they don’t sell.


What happens to clothes or materials that don’t sell?

  • Most items are sold to various non-profit groups at cost or donated.


Is this all volunteer based?

  • No.  Although some volunteers exist, most personnel are employed.  By intention, approximately 75% of our work force is age 16-25.


Are you a non-profit?

  • No.  We function as an L.3.C., which means we are a limited liability company with a charitable purpose.

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